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Fire Safety Training

Online Catalogue |  Fire Safety Training

Fire Awareness and an Introduction to Fire Extinguishers

This course has been designed to give your staff basic instruction in the identification and use of first-aid fire fighting equipment (fire extinguishers and fire blankets) along with guidance on the action to be taken in the event of a fire.
The course consists of a 1 hour class room session working through a power point presentation followed by a 15 min hands on practical session setting off water and carbon dioxide extinguishers. On completion of the training session a certificate will be issued to those who successfully pass the multiple choice examination paper.

The topics covered include:
o Introduction to fire safety legislation
o Employee responsibilities for fire safety
o Fire and related safety signage
o Action to be taken on discovering a fire
o When NOT to tackle a fire
o Action to be taken on hearing the fire alarm
o Basic physics of fire (the fire triangle)
o Classification of fires
o Types of fire extinguishers and their uses
o How to use a fire extinguisher and fire blanket
o Common causes of fire and how to avoid them
o Evacuation producers

This course can be booked for groups up to 10 people at your premises.

Online Catalogue |  Fire Safety Training

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